When we told Kai that we were expecting another baby, his biggest wish was that we would have a girl this time (he was worried a little brother might be “too rough and crazy”, haha).  We were thrilled to be able to tell him his wish came true when we went for our last ultrasound, and both Taylor’s and my moms whipped up baby showers that were absolute confections of all things feminine and frilly for our soon-to-be little princess!

My dad built and painted this gorgeous cake swing, flanked by floral orbs my mom made by hot-glueing silk roses to oversized styrofoam craft balls.

To add a little touch of whimsy to the succulent plant favours, my mom ruched floral doilies with pink satin ribbon and added baby onesie toppers and thank you sticker hearts to the mini pots.

Pastel butterflies perched on fairy cups, a hand-cut paper flower backdrop, and silk roses frozen into ice cubes brought a delicate, fairytale charm to the drink bar.