“Have courage and be kind. For where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.”-Cinderella

We’re always looking for ways to bring a little extra magic to these long lockdown days with the kids, and we’re big proponents of the joy that a little cake and confetti can bring, even if all you’re celebrating is a regular ol’ weekday when you’ve run out of puzzles, movies, and homeschool pinterest projects to keep the littles busy.

Today’s inspiration comes from a princess who knows all about being stuck at home when you’d rather be at a ball- Cinderella!  We decided to model our bitty bash on the latest incarnation of the fairytale, the 2015 live action Disney film, with its lavish fairytale blend of provençale, period, and bohemian decor.

We love the versatility of this theme, whether you're planning a post-pandemic ball or an intimate petite party for a few mouse friends in your attic!