Valentine’s Day is right on the heels of Oscar season this year, making it the perfect opportunity to put forward our nominee for Best Dressed… The Perfect Man!  His scrumptious figure caught my eye while I was picking up valentine treats for the kids, and I couldn’t resist bringing him home for a red carpet makeover.

I always have a couple of Wilton brush pens in my kitchen for impromptu baking projects or adding a quick touch of glamour to treats.  For this project, I used it to make a gold underlayer to hide any unsightly gaps in the gold sprinkle coat.

A quick coat should give your delicious dude an enviable, light golden “tan”.  Like any good spray tan, you’ll want to be cautious going over the same spots repeatedly as the colour doesn’t build well on chocolate, and you may end up with clumps and gaps instead of a 24 karat sheen.

Once the edible gold paint dries, you can use the brush from the paint pen or a clean paintbrush to apply a thin layer of white frosting.  Pour mini gold sugar sprinkles over the frosting before it dries and gently pat them into place.  I would recommend placing a paper plate under the chocolate so you can collect the extra sugar and reuse it for each section as you go.

And there he is, in all his bedazzled, boxered glory!  Whether he’s flaunting that delectable, glittery glow as a Galentine’s brunch place setting, or awarded to your Best Romantic Lead, the Perfect Man is sure to be sweet to the last bite.